Thursday, May 3, 2012

My Sweater

One of my friends complained there hasn't been a cat photo in some time. I didn't realize he was searching for those. So, just for him, I present Mija.

She likes to sit next to me in the recliners while I stitch. I've got a lot of lap throws on the recliners at the moment, a remnant from a very bad Saturday attempting to sleep. I just grabbed everything I could find, wrapped myself in it and finally fell asleep in the recliner at 6 in the morning. A couple of those need to be washed.

It was a bit chilly in the house two weeks ago, so I grabbed this old blue sweater I have had for ages, eons, epochs. The tag in the neck reads, "Montgomery Ward Brand", that's how old it is. But I love it. It's worn like cast iron. The front is baggy and doesn't match the level of the back and it looks a bit worn but it's warm and cozy. It's one of those things I will wear until it absolutely falls apart.

With the Prednisone, I'm getting very unpredictable hot flashes. Those readers who went through that are laughing at me. "That's what it's like, dearie." Well, I didn't go through that part although I've been with friends who have. I'll be chilly and then suddenly sweating. Off comes the sweater. I tossed it to the side, thinking I would pick it up the next day and return it to the closet. That was 2 weeks ago. She claimed the sweater. This is where she sleeps when she's not with me at night.

I've let her be. Eventually, the weather will be warm enough that she won't want to lie on it and I can then toss it in the wash. She will look at me when I come to sit down as if to say, "You're not taking my sweater, are you?" So, it stays. I have others and it makes her happy and I get happy cat purrs while I'm stitching. This is total win.

Beverage:  African Rooibos tea


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