Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Stitching Then and Now

While dinner was cooking, I sat down for some stitching time. I got about a half an inch done before having to jump up for pasta and then a load of dishes. I've had quite a few other things to do so quality time with me and my hoop hasn't happened since last week. This project is still coming along nicely and, since it's a Christmas present, getting it done this early is sweet. I still have to finish the hanging part of the Christmas banner, but I'm going to finish this project and get it off to be framed before returning to the banner.

In looking through my old photos for this month's theme, I stumbled upon this one. This is from 1984. I do not remember if that is a stamped or a counted cross-stitch piece. I made it for my late English pen pal, Anne. On it, I put the location of all the places she had lived, up to that point, from when I met her. We met via a pen pal exchange program through high school and were friends for over 30 years before she passed away from liver cancer.

I remember spending a good 3 months on this piece. I usually shipped my Christmas gifts to Anne and her family via "the boat" instead of airmail as it was about a third of the cost. And when you're sending something heavy like a framed piece, that cost can be substantial.

I was exceptionally proud of this. I had to start it in the summer so it could be done and framed to be shipped by Halloween or right after. I remember plopping down in the sofa on a Sunday afternoon and stitching for 3-4 hours. Some things never change. I still do that only I don't have the TV on as background noise. I find I have to remove my glasses to adequately see the chart so whatever's on the TV is a blur. Now music, music I will have on or I sit and stitch in silence. That silence can be very comforting because then I hear Pilchard's purr because she's in my lap.

I don't remember when I started cross-stitching. It seems it's been a part of me since I was a girl. I remember that hairstyle. I have straight hair but went through the desire to have curly hair phase. I don't remember the glasses. Gigantic by my standards now. I remember the blouse and the sweater. The blouse is long gone but, you know, I still wear that sweater. 

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