Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Family Tradition

I suppose this is a bit odd for a family "tradition" but it seems to be one we stubbornly hold onto after years and years of travel.

This is Carole's make-up bag. She left it in the bathroom when she returned to Virginia on Monday. I didn't find it until they'd been gone for over an hour and she didn't realize she didn't have it until they were 20 minutes into Indiana. They were gone too far to come back and get it. I shipped it yesterday and she'll have it by Friday.

This seems to be tradition with us. We will go through a house three, four, five times and we'll still miss something like a make-up case. I went through the house before they left and missed this, too. All it takes is to be distracted or to have the item moved, even a few inches from where you left it, to make it invisible. Ninety percent of the time, the item or items are inconsequential to one's life. You can see deodorant in the case. It's no trouble to run out and get another stick. It's quite something else if you leave shoes or articles of clothing. We've done that in the past.

So, if I come to visit and leave a little something behind, it's probably not something I can't live without. Just consider that you've been adopted into the family and are now participating in an time-honored family tradition. "Hi, do you know you left your deodorant on the end table?" If you hold it for "ransom", I maybe could come back and get it. 

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