Monday, May 21, 2012

Maybe I Should Get Rid of These, Part 2

I have no idea how old these are. These are "gardening shoes". I do know they were offered years ago by Avon products and I bought a pair.

They are rubber. The insoles come out and they can be hosed off or tossed in the washing machine. They are a modified clog in that the back is a bit higher than the other clogs I have. That's a very faded Winnie the Pooh decorative motif on them. They are sturdy and very functional and have sat in the basement for years.

I got a bag of pea gravel this weekend. It's use was to fill the holes in the driveway. I walked out to the car in my slippers and realized that just wasn't the best footwear to be in but I didn't want to put on tennis shoes. That's when I remembered these.

I had considered getting rid of them several years ago. I had worn them a lot when I was much more actively gardening. In fact, they would sit outside by the back door, insoles removed. I'd dump any water that had accumulated in them out, put the insoles back in and be out in the yard in 5 minutes, chucking them when I came inside. Other than being faded, there is nothing at all wrong with them. They are as sturdy as the day I got them. But, I just didn't wear them and why keep something you aren't wearing?

I wasn't sure if the deck was dry (it was) so best to have any tackiness on shoes and not on feet. I wiped them off, put them on and filled the holes in the drive. It's funny how a simple pair of shoes causes memories to come flooding back. I wore these everywhere in the yard. I think I even wore them to the grocery on occasion since they were sitting by the back door.

That's where they are now, sitting by the back door, inside so they will stay dry. This is one time I'm glad inertia caused me to not get rid of something.

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