Friday, May 11, 2012

Monies from the Cat

I'm cleaning out my wallet last night. You know that job, the one where you look at receipts from February, 6 receipts from Subway, and a receipt for an overseas package to Australia and wonder if the package got there and vow to clean this out more often. There was also a handful of change. Off to the lucky cat it goes except I can't get it in the cat because the cat is full. That's the cue to empty the cat.

It's been almost 2 years since I blogged about doing this. Even 5 years ago, I would have had to empty the cat more than once every 2 years, but I rarely carry cash anymore. Change is almost something of a novelty.

I spilled it all out, closed up the hole in the base of the cat and added the change from my wallet. As per the tradition, I didn't count anything so I have no idea how much I added back into the cat nor do I know the amount contained within the bank. I just picked up the piece of paper and dumped its contents into the bigger bank.

This container has about an inch left before it's completely full. The last time I emptied it, I was with that *cough, other institution. I don't know the policy on bringing in change at my new bank.

I've been thinking of trying an experiment in June. I have reduced my out of pocket expenses quite a bit since the financial meltdown of 2009. But, I have become quite free with whipping out the debit card. Oh I know, before I even do that, if I have sufficient funds for the purchase, but what if I forced myself to pay cash for those Subway meals? I'd need to start the month with the cash in hand. Gas and my monthly grocery purchases could be debit, but these other things I find myself shelling out for; cards, food, widgets, would HAVE to be cash. No cash? I have to go to the bank or I have to do without. It would make for an interesting month. Do I really need that item I have my eye on? It will require planning. It's also summer, when discretionary spending can be turned up a notch since you are out and about. It's something to think about.

Wonder if I would then add a lot more to the cat?

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