Sunday, April 6, 2014

Fabulous Finds

One of the blogs I read, Little White Whale, is a collection of commercial web sites the author finds interesting. Sometimes, she has her own content, but usually, it's just a collection of links to other sites selling stuff. I like her quirky style but I'm little more than a voyeur because things are priced just a bit out of my capabilities.

Back in late October, however, she posted a link to a glass cluster ring that was quite striking. I have no use for rings at the moment. They just aren't something I wear right now. But the design was intriguing so I went to the creator's web site and wound up finding some unique earrings I bought Carole for her birthday. I never would have found those on my own. I like sending her things like this, that are not something you can get at the earring spinner at JC Penney.

Last month, the author did it again by posting a link which includes a stationary find. I was intrigued by the birthday card she used as an illustration and went to the company's web site. Oh glorious correspondence! I spent 90 minutes poking around the whole thing. I had to get something. These are not the Hallmark mass produced cards that I'm increasingly finding difficult to get a card that matches what I want to say. I love the quirk. I love the design. I love the colors. I settled on the word search cards and they came this past week.

You can get 5 of them for $20. I can easily spend $3.95 on a large Hallmark card so $4 for quirk is well worth it. I can't tell you how awesome these are. They are embossed on heavy card stock, but will still mail for the price of a first class stamp. I took one look at all the letters and thought, "How am I going to find my message?" How about that? There's a key sent with the card.

These aren't simply birthday cards. These are anniversary, wedding, thanks, want to roll in the hay; any sentiment you want to express can be made on these cards. A lot of thought went into them. Gloria, the owner of Little White Whale says she looks for the bodacious and I have to say, these are bodacious. I just bought a bunch of thank you cards but I'm certainly looking at getting other cards from this company. I'll still frequent Hallmark. They have decent 99 cent cards, but for the truly unique, this has my vote.

Spring is supposedly coming and with that sandal weather. I have a couple pair of flip flops but, increasingly, I'm liking the whole shoe. I read where rheumatoid arthritis sufferers should wear full shoes, not mules (which I adore) or flip flops, but something with a back to it. I poo poo'd that but I'm coming around. I feel more secure in walking with a full shoe.

On Facebook, I follow posts from The Animal Rescue Site. It's a retailer whose products provide monetary donations to animals. You can, also, click daily and donate food. They will even send you email reminders to click daily. I find that bit too much as I get Facebook reminders. This site is part of a larger collection of causes sites, Greater Good, where you can donate daily or buy merchandise which has a portion of the profits donated to that specific cause.

Several weeks ago, they announced a sale of sandals. Whoop de honkin' do. These will just be flip flops or something similar and I have a couple pair like that. To my surprise, what was on sale was a pair of sturdy sandals with a back to them.

I had my choice of colors. There was a purple and gray colored sandal, but I went with black and white with purple accents because it will go with everything I wear. They don't much look like sandals which was one of the appeals of the shoe. But, looked at from the side, they certainly are.

These are enclosed enough that I can probably wear them to the office on days when I'm not going into the field. They are very sturdy, yet lightweight and the tread is what I expect from good quality shoes. I probably could wear these to the beach and into the water, if I so desired, not that I'm planning on going to the beach any time soon.

So these are my fabulous finds for spring, if spring ever gets here. The snow shovels are still in the kitchen because I'm superstitious like that, sandals or no sandals.

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