Thursday, April 24, 2014

Winter's Residue, Photo 21

In addition to the aches and pains of an almost non-stop shoveling season, winter has left me with one other thing, really dry skin. It's normal to have some dry skin. Winter air lacks humidity so it absorbs water from wherever it can find it. You'll see this in your home when you get cracks in the miter joints of your doors and windows or in the junctions of your walls. Even though things look and feel "dry", there is still water contained in the paint or the wood. Once spring arrives and, one hopes, the spring rains return, those cracks expand back to their original size and are less noticeable. Because the human body practically sloshes with water, the air is going to take whatever it can find and that dries out the skin; dries it out everywhere.

I like Vaseline Intensive Care for my hands. I've tried other, cheaper, hand lotions and I always come back to this. Right now, I'm using the Aloe version, but I'll use all of them and I watch for them to go on sale. Some things I'm just brand loyal on.

But for everywhere else, whatever I can find suits me just fine. I'm particularly drawn to fragranced lotions for the legs and arms. Right now, I'm using the lotion shown to the right. I like the scent and that's really my first consideration in selecting a body lotion, how does it smell. I don't remember how long I've had this kind but it's about half gone. I don't know about your skin, but I have to lotion up every day. It's still really dry and I don't like the itchy feeling on my legs or the back of my arms when my skin is that dry. It's a great feeling to slather on the lotion and feel your skin drink it in. This scent is great in that it doesn't clash with the cologne I'm wearing. I'm still working through those mini bottles. I have so many to use up. It's going to be years of the same scent.

So tell me, have you fought the dried skin battle this winter? Are you still fighting it? Any favorite lotion?

Beverage:  Dunkin Donuts tea


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