Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A Month Away, Photo 5

Spring makes one want to clean. I probably could live with the mounds of dust, as detrimental as it would be to my health, but there's something about the fresh start that we experience in spring that makes me want to clear the dust bunnies and cob webs and dirt in advent of throwing open the windows and letting the breezes flow through the house. (Sniff. Sniff. And the side effect are the "residuals" from the fights between the raccoons and the skunks. Um...yeah.)

It's also a time to really look at the overwintered geraniums.

They always produce flowers throughout the winter. I tend to leave them alone, other than a watering, all winter, knowing, when I put them outside, once they get acclimated to the outdoors, I'm going to prune them back.

The red one was especially prolific over the winter. There are a lot of flower bracts to remove once I put these out on the deck.

I remember hearing or reading that spring will be cooler than usual. I figure one more month and they all can go outside. The deck needs to be restained but that's not happening until early June. We're close, close to warm weather and leaving the remnants of a brutal winter behind.

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  1. This is gorgeous. I do the same with roses. There is such beauty between lives.