Monday, April 7, 2014

Another Do You or Don't You-Photo #3

So you're wondering why there's a number with the photo. I was chatting with an online friend about the inspiration for blogging. I mentioned that what is a great photo with a great idea can, because I don't get to it right away, seem old and pedantic three days later. Plus, I've been goingoingoingoing for so long, it feels like my brain is fried and there isn't anything creative I want to blog about. I set myself up when I first started doing this, to commit to a post a day. That's 365 posts. That's a lot of things that need to inspire, anger, bemuse or otherwise incite me to write. Some days, and that was very true at the end of March, I could find nothing to say in spite of taking photos that have blogging potential. There's a whole folder of them on my hard drive.

He suggested something that, at least at the beginning of April, is interesting. "Why not take a photo of the odd. You have a great eye for weird things. It goes with who you are. Take one photo a day, about anything. The only caveat is that it has to be something in your life." I thought about this for a day or two and thought that would be a nice idea to try.

All of this leads to why there is a photo of my toothbrush for day 3. This was taken April 3rd. While I will take more than one photo during a day, especially when I download what I've taken and it's blurry so I have to redo it, I try to limit myself to one photo of a subject per day. Why my toothbrush, though?

Well, you know, don't you, that if you have a cold or strep throat or a cold sore, you should replace your toothbrush once you have recovered from those infections? If you didn't, you do now. Reinfection can occur because germs will cling to your brush.

I had a cold last month so, once it was over, I replaced my toothbrush. Now, tell me I'm not the only person who takes 10 minutes to pick out a toothbrush not based on hard, medium or soft bristles, but on the color. I was replacing a green handled one. My bathroom is aqua, but I don't always compliment the walls with the brush.

So, do you or don't you pick a brush based on the color of the handle? I'll even root through all the brushes in the row to see what colors are available. I'm not the only one, am I?

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  1. Sorry, the only reason I pay attention to color is to make sure it's different than April's