Thursday, April 17, 2014

Go Away Already, Photo 14

Monday at 5:15 p.m.

This was snowball snow, heavy and wet. I remember how excited I was to see this last November, when it was a dry, powdered sugar-like snow. Now, it's just angst producing.

On Tuesday morning, it was an inch worth and it was pretty, gleaming in the morning sunshine.

It's the kind of snow you want on your Christmas card.

Except this is April and we're looking for warmth, not snow. I found the look of the snow on the front grass interesting, kind of bubbly.

The weather people made an interesting comment on Tuesday's news. Chicagoland is .4 of an inch away from the 2nd snowiest winter on record. Although we are going to have mild temperatures next week, the idea that snow could still come is in the back of my mind. I remember snow as late as Memorial Day. It didn't stick but it was in the air.

Some records we look on with pride. This is not one of them. Old man winter, it's time for you to go rest. I don't need a white Christmas in 2014. I'm good, really. Thanks.

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