Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Get Outta Here!

Ace Hardware, last week, started a celebration of their 90th year in business. I perused the sale flyer and found a few things I use for very good prices. I am set now, for a year, a year!, in furnace filters. But one thing caught my eye that I had to have.

That, my friends, is a brand spankin' new garbage can, in dark forest green. Plus, look. It has a lid that actually closes. As my friend, Jon, said when I told him I was going to get a can in something other than black, "Get outta here!"

Why is this important? Well, for years now, I've used this set up.

Last year, I assume it was raccoons that ate through the top of the lid. This kind of can isn't made anymore so finding a lid that will work with the "locking" part of the handles has been futile. I'm rather used to timing the tossing of the garbage to coincide with garbage day or stacking bags of used kitty litter on top of the garbage bag only to find that didn't deter the raccoons and I have garbage to clean up in the back yard.

The old can's locking lid was nice, in theory, but the raccoons figured out that all they had to do was get on top of the can and lean on the handles and the lid could be popped off. I have no illusions that the new lid, which snaps on with a very satisfying "click", will be any less easy to open. I was looking for something that the wind couldn't snap the top off and then scatter the contents.

The new can doesn't have wheels which will be interesting come winter, when I have to drag it down the drive. The old can is going to be used for yard waste now, occasionally garbage if I'm really cleaning.

I realize it's kind of silly to get excited about a garbage can, but I am. It's going to make life a bit easier. What can you say that cost $12 that's made your life easier? And it's green.

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