Saturday, March 2, 2013

Maybe I Shouldn't Touch Electronics

My work computer died on the 27th.

The blank space is where the tower usually sits. The framed art is from one of my best friends, Patt. She made it for me. Next is anti-bacterial foaming hand wash. The cleaning company doesn't always refill the soap in the bathroom so I have my own. Next to that is a foam "rock" one of our clients gave us.

I turned the computer on Wednesday and got "Windows cannot start because a file is missing or corrupted. Please insert the recovery CD and restart". I wasn't sure we had a recovery CD. Years ago we did but computers have changed and I'm using the oldest active computer in the office. We have one older but it's going back to corporate in a couple weeks as we prepare to hire another body. My boss confirmed we didn't have a recovery CD so I called corporate and the guru said to ship it to him. It wasn't back when I left work on Friday.

The corporate guru wasn't confident it was fixable, given the age of my computer. I had a sinking feeling as I boxed up this tower, same feeling as I had when I took my elderly mac to the mac doctor. What about all my photos on this hard drive? There is a bit of difference, however. Although I have a lot of personal photos stored on the hard drive of the work computer, they are only there before being uploaded to Flickr. I haven't lost any as I did when my mac went down. I got several letters and thank yous hand written and then I was in the field at the end of the week, so being without a computer wasn't too much of an issue. I also cleaned a third of my office. You should see the orderliness. I should dust; man, should I dust.

It won't be an issue next week either as I'm out of the office all of next week. It just struck me funny that two computers go down within 3 months of each other. Perhaps I shouldn't touch anyone else's computer for awhile.

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