Thursday, March 14, 2013


In 1964, a book was published about a boy named Stanley Lambchop. It seems that, during the night, a bulletin board fell on him and squashed him to 1/2 inch thick. His adventures became a series and, in 1995, inspired a teacher in Canada to start the Flat Stanley project. Kids make replicas of Stanley and send them, either to other kids in other schools, or to friends and family members willing to take Stanley on adventures. The son of my friend, Meredith (the one who keeps me in chocolate), is involved in the Flat Stanley project and Stanley is visiting me.

Stanley has had some adventures already. I'm not going to post all the photos I've taken of Stanley doing things. That will be a post for after I send him back home. I did this for my oldest niece when she was in school. I remember taking Stanley to the opera then.

I have taken Stanley to the office.

He seems to be a helpful chap but he had some problems picking things up off the table.

The deadline for Stanley to be home is April 8th so I have him visiting for 3 weeks total. I have plans for this boy, yes I do.

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