Sunday, March 3, 2013

Now or Later?

Last Tuesday, we knew the snow was coming. As has been pointed out by a couple of weathermen, while we can't get a complete handle on how bad a storm is going to be, we have the capabilities of saying, "Hey, it's coming." Predictions were from 3-10 inches of white stuff in my area, depending upon storm direction.

It started at 10:30. We'd had 40 degree weather the day before and a lot of melting had been going on.

Although it can't be seen, the air was filled with flakes.

At noon, the office front looked like this.

It's coming down quite heavily at this point. 

And by 3, when we were told to go home, it looked like this going out to the car. 

I'm normally better on the ball about things but, I forgot my boots. It was me and my shoes and socks when it should have been me and my boots and socks tromping through the white stuff. The area by the office wasn't too deep but, once I got home, pulled in the drive and took that first step out, well, yes, that's a bit of snow to be without boots. Ankle deep is ankle cold.

So, I trudge into the house, get my boots, shovel and bit and sit them by the back door where I'd have to trip over them to get out of the house in the morning.

The next morning, I pull them on and something about the boots looks different. I can be accused of not being the most perceptive person. I'll miss the obvious in the drive for the minutiae. I stood in the office and looked at my boots. I've had these for awhile. Um...yes. It's obvious.

I believe I need new boots.

My feet are still toasty warm and I don't have water inside them. I do have work boots, but they are heavier than these snow boots. If I was taking on water, I would have a greater sense of urgency, but they are wearing out.

Here's the thing. Should I buy new boots now, when there are steep discounts but not much selection, or should I wait until October or November when there is a wide selection but not as steep sales? It is entirely possible that boots ordered this week would find use over the next month.

What do you think?

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