Monday, March 25, 2013

I Think That's Sunshine

I know it hadn't been that long but it seemed as if sunshine was something forgotten in these parts. We might get a partial day and back the clouds would come and with them, snow. The one sunny day would be in the middle of the week, with the weekend cloudy and gray. Last Saturday, we saw the sun.

I ran some errands. When I unloaded the car and had presence of mind to just stand on the deck, I heard the sound of spring. The geese are flying around looking for water. I don't recall if you hear this kind of honking overhead when they head south for the winter. I think you only hear this in the spring. I couldn't see them but it was a veritable cacophony of honking Sunday at noon.

So, I threw open the back door and encouraged the ladies to come outside in the sunshine.

It's interesting to watch them interact with fresh air and sunshine. With their more highly developed sense of smell, I'm sure they smell things I can't and, possibly, don't want to. They both sniffed the air and examined the deck. After sniffing everything, they sat down to warm their backs.

This was fine until the neighbor opened his garage to take out trash. The sound of the garage door opening and then the banging around of his garbage cans sent both of them scurrying inside. This was good for them. I think they needed to smell the smells of an awakening spring. It's been a calm weekend, I think, because they had a chance to be outside in the sun.

Later in the day, Mija decided more sun was what she needed and stretched out on the rug in the office.

It's impossible to resist not reaching down and petting her.

Flat Stanley got into the act too, coming outside on Saturday to enjoy the sun.

Today, we're back in the heavy overcast with snow flurries. At times like this, I remember the feel of sunshine on my face and know that spring is close even if old man Winter is having the time of his life messing with us.

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