Monday, February 25, 2013

And the Crochet Goes On

I've nearly finished yet another scarf so now is a good time to post a shot of what I've done since January's initial yarn purchase and the subsequent one at the beginning of this month.

I've nearly finished the green and white one. It takes about a week of a couple hours every day and more on the weekends, to complete a scarf. To say I am having fun with this would be a huge understatement. I watched "Brave" and "The Princess Bride" over the weekend while working. It's bonding time for Pilchard and I and she's come to expect this lap time. If she doesn't get it, I get "yelled" at. It was tough this past weekend because I wanted to spend the afternoon poking around in the new computer. But some things are not denied. She's really good about having the scarf thrown across her as she sleeps. Mija jumps up onto the recliner and sleeps next to us.

It took me a few days of this to get over my "I'm not getting anything done" idea. I am so getting things done. These are Christmas or, maybe, birthday gifts. If I didn't sit down now and work on them, I'd have to scramble at the end of the year. The difference is, at this point, I can take my time. I can watch the weather people run around waving their hands at the awful snow heading our way. I can giggle at movie lines, listen to jazz or sit in comfortable silence.

I'm having a blast.

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  1. What's all the scarves for Gimm? I love to crochet but I don't do it near often enough. You know WoW takes all my time haha. Seriously I have a door stopper doll I started more than a year ago just sitting in a bag in my room. And my army gurl crocheted her first baby blanket for my grandson and then sent it to me to fringe and it's still in my room too and he's got to be headed towards three now, gasp. Oh and thanx for stopping by my warcraft blog, you surprised me =)