Monday, March 18, 2013

C Is For Cookie

It was baking time this weekend. I owe a couple people cookies and I felt inspired to make that happen.

Saturday, I opted to make "cat cookies". The recipe is on the Pillsbury web site and they just looked cute. You take one tube of refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough and cut it into slices. Pecans make the ears. Pretzels make the whiskers and plain M&M's make the eyes and nose. Sounds simple enough. Here they are before baking.

Dawwww. Yeah, they look cute. They were a bear to make, however, and I would not call this "kid friendly" at all. The recipe says to freeze the dough to make it easier to slice. Once frozen, an hour in the freezer is recommended, slice the dough into 24 cookies. I had the dough crumble on me when frozen. I have no idea how they got 24 cookies out of a tube of cookie dough. I wound up having to smush the dough into rounds because it would not slice cleanly.

And using chocolate chip cookie dough is not a great idea when you are going to attach items to it. I realize they were going for a "calico cat" motif here but think about this. You already have your dough packed with mini chocolate chips. Now, you're trying to attach pecan halves, pretzels and M&Ms to said dough. Trying to find a section of dough where there wasn't a chip already embedded was difficult. I think this would have been better if they had recommended their sugar cookie dough. I don't know that it would have sliced any cleaner but I wouldn't have been as frustrated in attaching items to the dough.

They baked up nicely.

They taste just fine. Yes, I had to try one since I'm sending these on. If I decide to do this again, I'm using sugar cookie dough that I make myself.

Yesterday, Stanley helped me make the next batch of cookies.

These cookies were made to use up the bag of M&Ms. Yes, I could have just eaten them, but, making cookies and sending them on is much more fun. It's a cookie dough that replaces chips with M&Ms.

These are great dunking cookies. Utilizing a few of these and a mug of milk and you get your required 8 ounces of dairy. I will let you determine your number in "a few".

Tonight, I will box these up for shipping on the morrow. It's been awhile since I've felt inspired to cook. This is a good thing. Perhaps it's because spring "officially" arrives on Wednesday and I think robins are back. I thought I heard the warble of one but I have not seen any. The cardinals are tweeting their mating calls. Warm weather is coming. I'm inspired.

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