Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Chocolate for the Whole Body

Cooking Light magazine is one of the only magazines I still get. It's also one that I read shortly after it comes and I can usually find something in it each month to add to the stash of recipes that I'll never make or make once and then wonder what I was thinking when I thought this sounded good.

Every month, they spotlight some fruit or vegetable or grain or other plant material that is "all the rage" in cosmetics or other preparations designed to "take years off our frames". My opinion on that is a blog post in and of itself. In February, they, of course, featured chocolate. One of the products they featured is at the upper right, Premium Dark Chocolate body scrub by a company named Shea Terra. The blurb in Cooking Light described the body scrub as smelling like "ultra-rich brownies". Well, that alone sold me on at least trying it. Plus, if you check out their web site, they also sell organic chocolate and the white chocolate with strawberries bar caught my eye. Here is the contents of the box.

I've used the body scrub twice now and would recommend this. When you open the jar, which took one of the rubber discs Meredith sent me last year, man was it on tight, this is what you see.

Too bad I can't do a scratch and sniff because this smells exactly as advertised, ultra-rich brownie batter. The ingredient list reads like something you'd throw together in the kitchen; organic sugar, chocolate liqueur, shea butter and pumice. It is really dense and the only quarrel I have with the product is that it's hard to get a handful out of the jar and to get it working. Part of the top had dried a bit when I opened the jar this past weekend, but I added about a teaspoon of water and that got the consistency back to spreading quality.

I used this on my legs and elbows. The aroma filled the bathroom with chocolate. You can do a lot worse if you love chocolate. It takes a bit to rub on and I had chunks of the amount I scooped out on the tub floor. But once you get going with it, it spreads very evenly and rinses off cleanly. My dry skin instantly felt softer and that softness lingers for a couple of days. It's wonderful to use before shaving but it's not for use on the face. They have other products for that area.

This jar is going to last a long time. You don't need much. It was reminiscent of the hand made coffee grounds exfoliant Melody gave me several years ago. Hers was a bit messier than this but made with the same sense of responsibility towards the earth.

And you're wondering about the candy bar. Here is the shocker, it was so rich, I couldn't eat the whole bar in one sitting. I know. I know. You have just fainted. It was wonderful. Organic chocolate marketed by corporations and, let's face it, no matter how Shea Terra bills itself, it's still a corporation, can be somewhat tainted in the drive to expand market share. Corners get cut and, really, I have only what I can scrounge about the Internet to go on. Shea Terra seems to do exactly what it says, provide quality products using sustainable resources and give people the chance to better themselves through that sustainability. I'm paying for an easing of my conscience, but, I feel I've received an exceptional value for the price.

I have not tried the Argan and Ghassol bar sample they sent. This is a product for use on skin and hair in the bath. I also have not tried the African Blue Calming oil, again for the bath. I don't really take baths so it probably won't get used. If one of my readers would like to try it, let me know. I'm happy to send it to you.

If you're looking for something exotic as a gift, go here. Although I've only tried the body scrub and a chocolate bar, I feel confident the other products offered will be just as good.

Beverage:  Yorkshire Gold tea


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