Sunday, March 3, 2013

I Opted to Recycle

Actually, losing my computer made the decision easy for me. Remember the question of whether to remove film from its recyclable holders as I am cleaning filing cabinets and recycling the paper contents? Well, without a computer on my desk, I had the time to devote to pulling film.

This was the pile after I finished. The plastic sleeves, at the upper left, went into the recycling bin in my office. I chucked the film. My guild mate, Barla, had given me an idea she saw about Mod Podging film strips to lights purchased at IKEA. I could remove any identifying information or not use that piece of film and make some lights. I could. It's a grand idea but I'm in the middle of another project and I know myself well enough that stopping project A to work on project B means A doesn't get done. A is important to finish and this cleaning of filing cabinets happens once a year.

There will be more film.

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