Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Crafting Valentines

I meant to post photos of the valentines I received in the Aunt Peaches great Valentine's Day swap. The lady running the Aunt Peaches blog, linked to the right, conceived this idea three years ago. Your requirement was to provide a name and working address and then agree to make 3, count 'em 3, handmade valentines and send them to the people whose names she provided. You can read about my handmade valentine's here. It was a lot of fun and I think I might just do the same thing again next year.

I only got two out of the exchange, not the three you were supposed to get. I kept holding off posting photos because I wanted to post when all three came, but number three has never materialized so it's time to post what I received. Ironically, both of the valentines came from Washington state. I have written thank yous to the creators because, well, it's just something I try to do when I receive a gift. Meredith will testify that she gets all teary-eyed from my thank yous but it's part of living a grateful life, being thankful and expressing that gratitude and thanks for things people do. I don't always succeed at that but I try.

Anyway, I was quite astounded by the packages I received. Here's package #1.

The creator of this package must have a really good sewing machine because the words "Valentine" and "Love" were stitched. She put a lot of time into these fabric "found" valentines. Look at all the buttons and the ring on the ornament. I have visions of her combing flea markets for baubles. I have that container of buttons and, for a minute, I thought about writing to ask if she wanted it. But then I realized that this creation gives me ideas for how to use what I have.

I thought the glittered wishbone was inspired, but I haven't the heart to make a wish and use it. So, it sits in its package in a drawer waiting for the time I forget why I have it and use it. The ornament will be kept for Christmas and, well, I ate the chocolate bar. It was really good.

Here's package #2.

I really liked the simplicity of this design. I've looked at the heart from every which way and it eludes me how she made this. It's "just" tissue paper but it's all puffy, although the post office did its level best to squash it. I added the pencil to my craft stash for upcoming projects. And the calculator, no, it's not edible, but man does it smell like chocolate. I stuck it in the desk drawer in the office and, a month later, I'm still smelling chocolate.

This was fun and I will, most certainly, do this again. Once I sign up, I need to make my valentines then and there and not wait until I get the names to whom I'm supposed to send and have that few days of abject panic when I can't think what I'm going to make. Of course, that panic led to something I'm thinking of making for all my friends so perhaps it was a good thing.

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