Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Some Assembly Required

If you live outside the middle of the country, something loosely defined as Colorado east to Ohio and Missouri north to the Canadian border. This sight on the roads is possibly as unfamiliar as the colored implement being hauled about.

Someone's getting a new tractor, a John Deere, made in Rock Island, Illinois. You might have the image of a tractor as being something like this, taken at a "Farm Days" event in southern Illinois.

While there are farmers who still utilize this and, at one time, this was top of the line, many farmers have something with an enclosed cab that's got more bells and whistles than an airplane. It has evolved that farmers who must spend the day outside want to be comfortable so their "work space", the cab of the tractor, should have a radio, a CD player, a GPS, a place to hook up an MP3 player and a computer, as well as be heated AND air conditioned. If you can't control the climate where you have to work, at least surround yourself with a climate you can control.

In the past, you went to the implement dealer in town to get yourself a tractor or you might have bought Reuben's when he had a sale because he and Agnes were moving into town and quitting farming. If you're buying one of the latest and best models, which cost the same as a Bugatti, you might still go to the implement dealer outside of town, but chances are very good your tractor is coming from John Deere; shipped on a flatbed just like the one that passed me outside of Davenport. I can't be sure this is the same tractor, but it's close. Taken from the John Deere web site.

Other than they both work in the field, there's not a lot to compare between the two shown. The 9000 series, which I'm fairly certain is what was being transported, bears no resemblance to what I learned to drive on. I did note a few other striking differences.
  • You could move the middle tractor from point A to point B without needing "Oversize Load" tags and
  • You don't have to put it together once it arrives. 

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