Sunday, March 3, 2013

Sunday Snoozes

Sunday has been the start of the week for millennia  I remember finding a planner that had Monday starting the week and thought "how could you organize your week like that"? But, reality is that, for most people, Sunday ends the week. Those of us churchly inclined start with a dose of the religious and think we are starting the week out well when, really, we'll talk about all the things we have to get done, "before the week starts tomorrow and I go back to school or work or the life of the week".

Around here, Saturday is a day of getting used to me being home. There is no clock radio at 6 am. I'm around and, one would say "over foot", all day. Yesterday, I cleaned. I blogged. I organized. I washed. I sorted. Today has started out quieter. It's the day they really do realize it's the weekend. 

I changed the sheets and the blankets on the bed yesterday. I did a load of wash and draped these two sweaters to dry over the towel rack and the shower curtain in the bathroom. It's this time of year I think about a sweater drying rack, something that could stay in the basement with the rest of the clothes and just be used for sweaters and other delicates, things I wouldn't hang on a laundry line. But, it would be one more thing in a cluttered life that is the basement so I only 'think' about it and don't actually buy it. 

The sweaters are dry and need to be hung in the closet. Um...yeah. Not going to happen at this present time. There are worse places she could be sleeping. 

And take her royal highness, Pilchard. She's taken over the recliner this morning. It is abundantly apparent where this cat sleeps most of the time, when she's not in a box. 

She's decided to branch out onto the side where I sit and crochet. We have our territories, we do. Hers is to the left and mine is to the right. She usually gets to be on the right when I'm there and she can take over my lap. We may be in for negotiations for territories. 

It's kind of funny to me, in a way. I really never noticed the fur on the recliner itself until I uploaded the photo from my camera. Today, the sweater has been tossed into the wash. I need to look into a hand vac to give the recliner a thorough going over. Such is life in a household with a long-haired cat. 

They have been asleep most of the morning. There is a gentle peace inside my home. Tomorrow will dawn too early and I'll be out the door and on the way, but, for now, the calm is wonderful. 

Beverage:  Lady Gray tea


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