Saturday, March 2, 2013


The snow that arrived on Tuesday into Wednesday had a high moisture content. These kinds of snows leave, in their wake, some of the most interesting winter photos.

We were allowed to go home early to make sure we made it home. It's not a long trek for me and I was even able to back the car into the drive, albeit, using 4-wheel drive. The snow had been falling for 4 hours by the time I got home so it had time to plaster itself against the deck and air conditioner.

Next to the AC unit is a mulberry tree that is being removed in the spring.

You could tell snow direction by looking at the front steps.

I really need to look into a new mailbox this year. One with a door would be great for keeping the mail dry.

By Wednesday morning, the heavy snow was reduced to flurries, leaving outlining in the back yard.

The other thing about this snow is that while it sticks to things, giving them an outlined appearance, it's so wet that any kind of air or sun warmth causes it to melt. I was cleaning off the hood of the Jeep which was parked under the power lines heading to the house.

When it melts enough to let gravity take over and a small section loosens its grip on the power lines, it's cold when it hits the top of your head. Consider yourself warned. It's the least I can do.

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