Monday, March 18, 2013

Added to the Stash

I love flannel sheets. I use them all year. You'd be amazed at how cool you feel in the summer when lying on a cotton flannel sheet. And what could be better on icy winter nights than a couple of blankets, flannel sheets and a purring cat?

Sheets wear out. It's usually the bottom sheet that goes first. I've had the top sheet to a couple sets of flannel sheets that haven't been a pair in years. It's impossible to find just the bottom fitted sheet. Regular cotton sheets come in mix and match but flannel? Nope. It's all or nothing.

Flannel costs more, too. The same sheet set can be a third more for flannel than for regular cotton. I subscribe to This web site offers a daily deal and then other ancillary deals. I got my digital camera there. I was poking around in the site last month and they had flannel sheet sets for $20. Twenty dollars. At the time, I couldn't find any that I liked for less than $30. So I got a set. I always wash sheets before using them and, over the weekend, it was time to fold the new set and add it to the shelves.

The leopard print is the new set. It feels really luxurious as I fold the sheets. But what to do with the two top sheets I have. They are in exceptionally good condition. Just giving them away seems wasteful. If I had small children, we could make a fort out of them and the dining room chairs. That was so much fun when I was little. Yes, it took up the living room because you have to leave it up once you've crafted it, but I have great memories of sitting in the fort reading stories to the dog we had at the time. (Don't be surprised about the dog. We had dogs and cats on the farm when I was growing up. I like dogs, as long as they belong to someone else.)

Since I have no young people visiting, I couldn't think of a reason to hang onto these. Then it hit me. Remember my receiving a couple boxes of fabric from my mom last year? Inside one of those boxes was the quilt pieces my Great Aunt Tillie had started but never finished.

To honor her, my grandmother and aunt Irene, I vowed to finish this quilt. It's a project for next year, to be sure, as I'm in the middle of another project I'm having great fun doing. I don't know what color of fabric I'll use to stitch the hexagons together but I know what I'll use for backing material, one or both of these sheets. In fact, given the size of the sheet, it will be a good marker for how much fabric to buy to complete the quilt.

Seems fitting. A quilt was usually made of the leftovers. Viola. I am ready. So, I tossed these into a box in the closet to sit and wait for their reuse.

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