Wednesday, February 20, 2013

May's Fix-It Already Planned

I went to get the mail last Friday and noticed something on the front porch.

The paint is already flaking off on the boards that are in a direct line below the gutters. The job is going to be to clean out the gutters and then repaint the front porch area. I have at least a third of a can of paint left.

It's a bit frustrating that I have to retouch so soon after painting in the first place. When I finished this back in June and repainted the back door, I thought to myself that I should apply a second coat, mainly to use up what was in the can, but a second coat couldn't hurt. I didn't because it seemed to go on adequately.

I looked at the can last night. At the end of April, I'll need to bring it upstairs and sit it by the front door so, on the first days above 65 with no rain for 48 hours, I can get out there and touch up. Thank goodness I love to paint.

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