Sunday, February 3, 2013

Days Off

Tomorrow is a work day. While that might seem like an unsurprising statement, I have been off since Wednesday. It's been a productive 5 days for me.

Wednesday was rainy, pretty much all day, until the temperatures plummeted. It was 41 at noon and 15 by 10 p.m. I am terribly aware of the furnace running and running and running as it attempts to keep the house at my desired 69 degrees. I'm also aware that the girls have migrated up. It's got to be cold along the floor. My feet feel it. How much more do they feel?

It was a time of catch up and revisiting favorites. On Wednesday, I started the day by paying bills. Everything is paid. For me, this is a fantastic feeling. I look across the pile and there's nothing. This is a small victory, something I can pat myself on the back for. I figured it out. I have saved and I'm caught up. Off to do errands.

I am involved in something slightly nefarious so the first stop on Wednesday was JoAnn Fabrics for a couple items. Then, garbage stickers. I realized, in recalling my day for guild members, that garbage stickers aren't used everywhere. In Chicagoland, most communities have gone to a sticker program. You buy colored stickers that go on the garbage you put out. You pay only for what you drag to the curb. There is no charge for recyclables. I can go 6 weeks without putting out garbage, what with recycling and my lifestyle. Having a monthly trash bill is a waste of money for me. Stickers are currently $3.49 each, but that's still quite cheap to have it hauled away.

After that, I hit the post office and had a slightly annoying discussion with the clerk. Part of the nefariousness involves mailing and I knew exactly what I wanted to do with the mailing. "Why are you putting all this postage on these? Can't you make people mail it themselves?" I realize he wanted to save me money but I knew just want I wanted, I stated that clearly and I expect to be helped in that fashion. "We're up to this much already," he said, as if I hadn't thought through the cost. I knew how much it would cost me when I walked in. I've taken my business elsewhere when faced with this kind of "customer service". I came really close to saying, "Look, I know the cost. Just sell me the damn stamps. Stop trying to convince me to do this any other way because it's not going to work." Then, he wound up not selling me enough for the envelopes and I had to use the personal stamps I'd purchased. I've had problems with this guy before. I probably should complain.

From there, it was a stop to get the hair cut. I wasn't feeling particularly happy when I walked in. The post office exchange had me irritated. But, the gal who cut my hair was bubbly and chatty and put me in a very good mood. She asked about my hair care and made a couple suggestions that wound up giving me a cut that will last for awhile. It had been 13 weeks since my last cut. I do that. I get a great cut at Great Clips that lasts. Other than my bangs growing out, I really won't need to go back until maybe April. A hair cut made the irritation of the post office fade away. I'm happy.

It was time to go home. Did I want to cook or stop somewhere? As I headed west from the salon, I saw Flips approach. I haven't eaten there since summer. Flips it is. I got a #12, which is a polish with fries and a drink. Technically, I don't think that's on any diet plan but I am 'on vacation'. I'll eat what I want.

That carried through to Thursday when I stopped by Culver's after a doctor visit and another trip to JoAnn Fabrics. I got a bacon cheeseburger, fries and a peanut butter hot fudge shake. Culver's was on the way home.

Since then, I haven't gone anywhere. Taxes for both federal and state have been completed, submitted and accepted. There are small refunds coming. We've had brutal cold and snow. I've done wash. I've washed litter boxes and the floor where they sit. I've done dishes. I've crocheted. I've prepared all the valentines for mailing. I've ordered myself a small valentine's present because I'm worth it. I've slept. I've watched movies and Rocky and Bullwinkle. I've agreed with myself, finally, that I did need the time off and that just staying home really is worth it. Vacations don't have to involve the stress of packing and travel. They can be a time of catching up.

Back to work tomorrow. I will be rested and refreshed and will feel that I am not rushed because something didn't get done.

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