Thursday, February 14, 2013

Merrie Christmas

Thanks to the Internet and this game, World of Warcraft, that I play, I have expanded my list of friends. Most of them I will probably never meet, but that doesn't make them any less of a friend to me. We share life stories, events, ideas, cares and woes just the same as if they lived next door to me. They are no less real.

So, the Christmas holiday approaches and, while I don't have to send them anything, I like to. I consider them my friends. We have shared time in this online game, gotten to know one another, and it means a lot to me to be able to send them a small token that symbolizes just what a friend they are to me.

Matt's one of my WOW friends. I'm not sure why I asked for and got his address but I have it. So, as I page through my address book looking at the names and trying to think of Christmas presents, I got to his name and it hit me. The. Perfect. Gift.

Now there is a story with this. In WOW, if you take the profession, engineering, you can make a personal helicopter, a Turbo-Charged Flying Machine. The EPA would not appreciate this thing as it belches smoke which is probably lethal. Only engineers can make them and only they can use them. One of the pieces they need is a hula girl doll which rides on the dashboard. Bingo. Matt would get the significance of the doll. Matt would get the joke.

Matt recently sent this photo. That's his car. He lives in Maine so the streaks are from a snowstorm. I never expected, when I sent the doll, that it would wind up on his dashboard. It wasn't very expensive and I figured it would just sit some place in his house until spring and then he'd toss it or move it to a box somewhere. I was more than okay with that. It was the joke between two friends that was the important part.

I love it when the gift is appreciated like this. I hope it gives him a lot of happiness when he drives to and from work. He doesn't play WOW anymore but I hope it reminds him of the fun times we had, all those times that his character beat up my character in battlegrounds or the time he had to wear that awful sweater in Ironforge.

And yes, she does the hula. I wouldn't send one that didn't.

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