Tuesday, February 12, 2013

February Cat Post

I haven't posted anything about the girls in awhile. You probably get tired of me saying how grateful I am to have them in my life. There's just something so wonderful about coming home to their faces.

Mija doesn't like to sit for cell phone photos. It's hard to get a good photo of her. This is going to be one of my favorites, perched on the organ bench, hoping I'm going to go get her treats. When I head into the kitchen, this is where she goes to wait and see what I'm up to in there. This is where she goes when I come home.

Sometimes, when I come home from work, Pilchard will be on the foot rest waiting for me.

When I sent this photo to Val, she responded that sometimes, she thought Pilchard looked a bit like an owl. I hadn't seen that in her but here she really does.

We're quite the family. When I'm crocheting, they are with me in the recliner. When I decide it's time to get up and go play World of Warcraft, Mija jumps down into my now vacated spot. It's warm, doncha know. They are happy to be curled up in the recliner.

At the end of January, when the temperatures dropped into the single and negative numbers, I found that both of them seemed to want my lap or to be where I was sitting. It was annoying at times, especially when I was trying to do my taxes and this big black cat was demanding my lap.

Then, on Friday, February 1st, I was working on laundry. Mija sleeps with me. Pilchard has, quite a bit more this winter, jumped up onto the pillow next to me. She meows and wants scritches but won't stay. Mija was on the bed,out of sight to the right, and I was folding clothes. I opened the draw for my pants and ...

Mija has done this. It's quite common for her to jump in. This is the first time Pilchard has. She settled right down and stayed there for an hour. So, I left the drawer open. That night, the drawer was still open. Mija and I settled down for the night. Pilchard came into the bedroom and jumped into the drawer. I have no idea how long she stayed but she did settled down.

It occurred to me that heat rises. The furnace was working to keep the house at 69 degrees. My feet were chilled. How chilly were the girls, walking about the floor? That explains why my lap was a desired target as was the drawer. They were warm.

Since then, I've just left the drawer open. I am not in the bedroom except in the morning, when putting away clean clothes, and at night so it's not an inconvenience to keep it open. I spread a tee shirt over the clean pants so they aren't completely covered in cat hair. Someone uses the drawer daily.

Yes, yes. The things I do for the comfort of my cats.

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