Thursday, February 14, 2013


I got a new digital camera.

As okay as the cell phone camera was, and there are a number of articles I've seen lately where people talk about how the cameras in cell phones are nearly as good as dedicated digital cameras, it's not the most convenient for me to use. It requires a swipe and a push and a hope that what I wanted to document is still there. I really missed the convenience of having a small digital camera in my purse, just waiting for those occasions when I want to document something like, oh, plastic wrapped potatoes at the grocery store.

This camera was on sale through a web site, They have a lot of great deals and then, a lot of, um...okay, deals. I'm thrilled with it and the price was right. I do have to buy a different memory card as the ones I had at home didn't fit.

I'm excited to get out shooting photos again. Yeah, I know that everyone takes photos with their cell phone now days, but I like actually having a camera to do that. A large SLR digital camera didn't appeal to me at all. That's why this one is exciting to me.

Right price. Fits in my purse, it's perfect. Plus, it's red and so cute.

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