Friday, February 15, 2013

This is Going to be Fun

Memory card procured for the camera and my first photos were taken last night and this morning of, what else, the amazingly beautiful flowers Carole sent.

For comparison, here's a photo using the camera on my phone.

It's pretty good. That's natural light from the east and north windows in the living room. You can see everything. I rearranged the bouquet last night so it was more mixed. It's just incredibly stunning.

Here's the same bouquet taken with the camera.

Look at the detail. This is why I needed a new camera. There was a "daylight" flash that filled in some of the dark spaces. This photo is incredibly sharp and true to color. Some of the comments about the camera were that it tended to produce some yellowed images, but I don't see that.

I took this one last night before I rearranged the bouquet.

I think it looks a bit washed out. A dark room with the indoor flash and, pop, wow. As with my last camera, there are dozens of settings I don't quite understand, but I made a good choice with this.

This photo was better. I backed up a couple steps so I wasn't right on top of the bouquet.

I took a photography course in college back when SLR's were just starting to be the rage. (I know. I'm old.) We used these box cameras in the class. It was taught from an arty point of view, which has merit, but I'm a documentary-type of photographer. The photos I take document what's going on at any given time. I am not interested in pushing f-stops or manipulating timers. What I see is what I want. Sometimes those can be happy accidents, but I've already composed the photo in my eye, my camera is just documenting that.

So, buying a $850 camera is kind of a waste for me. Just give me point and shoot with few bells and whistles. I need to figure out reducing the flash and turning it off for those night shots where all I want is natural light; a full moon, for example. There is an old joke that the device isn't very intuitive if you have to read the instructions to make it work. Well, I'm going to modify that a bit. The camera is out of the box ready but the bells and whistles need to be explained.

This is going to be fun. Watch out girls. You thought I took a lot of photos of you before. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

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