Sunday, February 3, 2013


There was another check in the mail for funds dispersal from a class action lawsuit. This one was against US Bank and I can't remember why I was included in the lawsuit, why I qualified. They aren't and never have been my bank, but somehow I found myself part of this. The check amount is what you see to the right. That's correct. It's a whole two dollars and forty-five cents. Even stretched out over millions of people, I'm willing to bet it cost more to send out a paper check than what I got and it's not like any lesson has been learned by any great corporate entity either.

Perhaps you have seen, in your in box, an email about a Facebook class action lawsuit. If you haven't, here's the link to the discussion of this real lawsuit. What I take away from this is that the maximum anyone can get from this is $10. You are more likely to get nothing. Again, there is no lesson learned here by a gigantic corporation.

Facebook exists and can pretty much do as they wish with our data because we have decided it's something we need to survive. How they use the data that I give them, the snippets of my life, to target market is quiet interesting and will always be hotly contested. We are such a contradictory people. We demand privacy but we will post photos of ourselves in hugely compromising positions on a social web site where millions of people, including current and potential employers, can view these. That is a post for another day.

Am I going to participate in the Facebook lawsuit? No. I see no value in it for me. I am not aware that my image was used to target market to any of my friends something I would not have endorsed. The lawsuit already states that if the dispersed funds are less than $5 per person, the money will be paid to some nebulous non-profit entity that teaches children and adults how to use social media safely. Anyone want to bet that money comes back to Facebook somehow?

My $2.45 check was cashed. I just stuck the change in my wallet. It's $2.45 more than I had before, but it seems ridiculous really. I think back to the Fifth Third lawsuit. I should have proceeded with the small claims court option suggested by that lawyer before he discovered the class action lawsuit. I'll never get any apology or explanation at this time as to where my money went. They can forget but I never will.

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