Monday, February 11, 2013

When I Needed It

Things get lost. We all know that. Your best intentions result in never seeing said item again.

I've been thinking about that since Halloween because one of my best friends, Patt, sent me a $10 gift card from Starbucks. While I don't drink coffee, their Christmas hot cocoa offerings will get my feet inside the store. This will be most excellent.

So, I set the card aside, some place where it wouldn't get lost and I'd remember it. Why I didn't, right then and there, stick it in my wallet, I have no clue. I know I thanked her for it, at least, I think I did. Things got crazy and my mind lost track of where I'd put the gift card. Isn't that the way it goes? When I do a house recycling sweep, I have to set everything down and go through it a second time, lest I accidentally scoop up a bill and recycle that. We won't discuss how many times that has happened. I had pretty much resigned myself to having recycled the card or maybe, accidentally sent it back to her and she was too polite to tell me what a doofus I was.

I was cleaning Thursday night. I don't know why. I wasn't looking for anything, but I did want to get rid of a pile that sits on top of my dead printer. I found, at the bottom of the pile, two Halloween cards. Not sure why I didn't recycle them, I opened the top one. Here was Patt's gift card. In spite of myself, I hadn't tossed it.

It's been a rough week just passed. There has been a major personal stress event developing. I can't really discuss it right now because it's not sorted. And, we had a major event at work. It was the kind of major event that causes you to wonder if you really ever did know someone as well as you thought you did. I've found myself in something of a funk, not really wanting to do much of anything except sit in the recliner with a cat in my lap and crochet. There's probably nothing particularly wrong with doing that other than I was out of pants for work and I swear the dishes were multiplying in the sink as I stood there and watched. One person can't have made all these dirty dishes.

Finding the gift card caused me to stop at Starbucks on the way home from getting yarn for my next crochet projects.

It's a large hot chocolate and a "morning bun". They call it a "morning bun" because "cinnamon sugar roll" isn't very healthy sounding. It's a yeast roll dipped in butter and rolled in cinnamon sugar. It was very good.

I needed this. I wouldn't have appreciated the gift of the card had I actually put it in my wallet as I should have done back in October. I needed to be able to treat myself when I was feeling oppressed. The card showed up at just the right time.

So many things show up right when you need them. You might not realize it at the time. Thanks Patt, again. I needed a tall hot cocoa and a cinnamon bun. You can bet, if I get another gift card, it goes right into the wallet.

Beverage:  Lady Gray tea


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