Wednesday, February 13, 2013


I got flowers from my daughter today for Valentine's Day. The UPS man really enjoyed bringing me the box. He walked into my office and said, in a very sing songy voice, "Somebody likes you. Someone sent you flowers." I didn't believe him. No one sends me flowers, well, almost no one. Ignore the amaryllis Bill sent at Christmas. I pulled the perforated zip opening and, wow, someone did send me flowers. Who?

The UPS guy had to point out the LARGE white card that says "Thinking of You" on it because lord knows I couldn't find it and didn't know who would send me flowers. I was just so thrilled, the obvious wasn't obvious.

See the plastic covered box at the bottom, just off the middle? That box contains chocolates. I couldn't get a good photo of it. The UPS guy was having as much fun watching me open this as I was. He's been the office's UPS guy for years. I should bake him some cookies or something because he really takes care of us. He gave us his phone number so when we have something coming that's time sensitive, we can text him in the morning and he'll look out for it. I'll see him over by Subway or Panera and we will wave at each other.

Here are the flowers.

Tulips! I'm thrilled. I'm going to have to rearrange the top of the organ so I can set these next to the amaryllis.

It can be cold and dank and overcast and snowy all it wants to. I have fresh flowers in my house to remind me that spring is approaching.

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