Monday, February 11, 2013

$20 and 2 Months

To say I am enjoying crocheting scarves would be something of an understatement. Witness the latest purchase.

JoAnn Fabrics had the Team Spirit yarn on sale, along with other selections. The sale ended last Saturday so, Saturday morning, my mental list of recipients and I headed to the store. Four of the colors were already decided upon when I walked in. The other two were decided on the spot. One was a spur of the moment purchase because they had the color I wanted.

What was missing was the coupons for more off the purchase price. Those were left, conveniently, on the ottoman next to the recliner where I sit and crochet. But, never fear, the check out lane has the appropriate coupons and the whole lot cost me an Andrew Jackson and change.

Here's the current tally.

That's four black and gold and I finished the green and yellow yesterday afternoon. I rummaged around in the bag and pulled out the black and red skein so that's the next scarf to be completed.

It takes approximately 8 days to crochet a scarf. I come home from work, do some chore, start dinner, sit and crochet for a bit. Then, after dinner, I sit for at least an hour, maybe an hour and a half. The big black cat loves this time for my lap is free just for her. She settles down and sits, sometimes for the duration of my sitting. On weekends, I'll crochet for the whole afternoon and she happily falls asleep. Mija will sit next to me in the recliner or on the back. It makes for a very calm afternoon.

I had thought, once I finished the four black and gold scarves, that I'd go back to cross-stitch but I am having a lot of fun doing this. I do have pain in the fat part of my left hand, below the thumb. I haven't figured out how to hold the scarf  for long periods of time without this pain. Dr. Francis says it's osteoarthritis, not rheumatoid, that is causing this pain. I set the crochet down for about 10 minutes, then pick it back up and work for another hour or so. The pain doesn't interfere to the point of my considering quitting this project.

I'm on the fence about attaching fringe. The colors that reflect the people for whom I'm making them are a very disparate bunch. There isn't one unifying color. Obviously, black could be used for a lot of these, but not for some of them. So, I may not add fringe. It might be superfluous to the scarf anyway.

So, if you want me, I'll be in the recliner with my hook and my cat. I have enough yarn for a couple months. By then, it might be on sale again.

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