Wednesday, June 15, 2011

St. Stephen's Episcopal Church

A few views of the church and the interior. It's very simple as would befit a rural church built and rebuilt in the mid-1800's.

You can see we had a cloudless sky for the wedding. There was a light breeze which made the 80 degree temperatures perfect. It kind of reminded me of the little wooden Lutheran church I attended until I think it was first grade. It was painted white. There is an intimacy about these small churches. It was the perfect venue for Carole and David.

This is the nave. The windows just gleamed in the noon sunshine.

This is the narthex or rear of the church.
The altar area lacks adornment. This would be so you aren't spending your time looking at wood carvings rather you're spending your time contemplating what is said. They decorated with potted orchids.
Finally, here is the banner you see at the left in the above photo.
There is a large building to the east of the church which contains offices, parish hall and preschool. This was where the girls went to dress and prepare.

Beverage:  Huckleberry tea


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