Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Sometimes Wish I Had a Clothesline.

I am a bit behind in the wash. It's tough to go up and down the basement stairs so I've kind of put off doing wash. Plus, all this rain means it seeps into the basement. If we get upwards of an inch, I know I'll have seepage. That means any clothes hanging up to dry, since I don't own a dryer, won't get air dried very quickly with all the moisture in the air. This usually doesn't present a problem unless I've been neglectful in doing wash. It was just too painful this weekend and I thought I had enough pants in the drawer to last through the week. Um...nope.

I had washed 5 pair but they were still quite damp last night when I checked. As I needed pants for today and it was 88 at 4, when I got home, I decided the best place to put them was on the deck.
I did have to bring them in when the wind picked up and the evening's thunderstorms started to form and roll through the area. But, I just draped them over the shower curtain rod and, by the time I went to bed, they were dry.

I used to have a clothesline. It was great. In the spring, summer and fall, everything went on the line. There is nothing sweeter than the smell of sheets roasted dry on a hot August day. I know people who hang their wash out all year 'round. But doesn't it freeze in the winter? Well, duh, they say. Then you bring it inside and, as it thaws out, it dries. I think that's a bit strange.

I used to be able to do 2-3 loads a day in the summer because those hot days would dry the first load in an hour or 2. I often left bedding on the line overnight. I'd still, if I had help to clear an area and install it, put up one of those square clothesline things. That would be enough for me because I rarely do more than a couple loads a week. I just don't have to anymore.

I'll check the pants downstairs tonight and, if they aren't dry, a couple more will be draped across the deck rails to dry. I need to do more wash so this stuff has to dry out.

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