Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Close to a Square

On day 12 of stitching, I can see the end of the square. I'd have done more except I couldn't get home. I stopped for gas and, as I was pulling up to my street, there were police and fire vehicles blocking the street. A less-than-helpful police officer told me I had to park and walk to my house. Further review showed that the emergency vehicles were not down by my drive so I could come from the north and pull in, but it took 15 minutes of trying to convince the police officer, even when I handed him my driver's license, that I did, in fact, live on the block and could get home. 

Neighbors are having their hardwood floors redone. The company doing the refinishing parked something by the side of their driveway. It ignited a tree between two lots. I guess flames shot straight up the tree. There is smoke damage to the house not having their floors redone. Had I not needed gas on the way home, I am told I would have seen the fire shoot up the tree. Thanks but some things I don't need to witness. So, that delayed me from stitching. 

Still, I'll have the square finished by week's end. Then on to the interior. I don't think I'll make my deadline for the completed item, but it will be close. 

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