Thursday, June 2, 2011

Do We Have to Come Back in the Morning?

Friday evening, May 20th was the rehearsal. The clear, sunny day had given way to clouds and then overcast. We drove through a light drizzle to St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Catlett, Virginia.
This is the church David attended as a youth. It's tiny, about 100 people could squeeze into the building. It has large preschool and church buildings, bigger than the church itself, behind the church proper. It's also an old parish. 

David told us the church was established in 1842 and took damage during the Civil War. It was rebuilt in 1880, nearly closed in the 1930's but renovated in the 1940's and again in the 1980's to its present look. The interior is very simple but very elegant. 

Everyone, except one usher who couldn't get off work in time to make the rehearsal, was in attendance. We did a quick run through and then a longer one. The officiant for the wedding was the Reverend Roma Maycock who was the pastor when David went to church there. She told me one never knows what seeds one plants when you're a pastor. She was thrilled to be asked to officiate and then to be able to actually come back. There was some doubt that she would be free this weekend. 

There was a point in the service Carole's friend, Niles, was reading from Corinthians about being together through thick and thin. At that point, we all became aware of the sound of heavy rain on the church roof and the wonderful smell of freshly watered earth. The church had weathered the Civil War and the Great Depression. We were all weathering a heavy rain to celebrate a wedding. It did seem symbolic.

When the rehearsing was over, David and Carole signed the register of marriage. David signed first. 
Then Carole signed. 
Reverend Maycock said the Register of Marriages is very important as future generations will come back to find where their ancestors married.

It was interesting to page back through the volume that Carole and David signed to see marriages from 1970 and 1960. These are a treasure trove for genealogists. 

Standing there, looking at the page after they had signed it brought home the marriage, not that I had any doubts. This really does make it official.

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