Tuesday, June 28, 2011


I don't know why. I had to go to the grocery on Monday because I was out of cereal. As I sat at my desk in the office and pondered what cereal sounded good, Cap'n Crunch burst into my subconscious. I don't remember the last time I had a bowl of CC, let alone had a box in the house.

The "good" angel on the one shoulder reminded me that there is nothing really redeeming about this. While Quaker Oats has tried to minimize the "sweet" aspect of this cereal and play up the corn and oats, let's face it, you don't buy CC if you're seriously watching caloric intake.

I've had Special K, Product 19, Crispix and Grape Nuts on the shelf lately. I thought a box of Wheat Chex would be good. I thought I had myself convinced that was to be the choice. As I walked down the cereal aisle, Cap'n Crunch was $2.99 for the giant box. Wheat Chex was $4.29 for the only size they had. The "bad" angel on the other shoulder snickered and said, "Well, if you're out to save money..."

Sometimes, giving in to a craving when you know you won't do it again is the right thing to do. I had my first bowl in ages this morning. Yeah, it was as good as I remembered.

Beverage:  Orange Juice


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