Monday, June 6, 2011

I Won't Make It

I have so much to do that fitting in stitching means something else doesn't get done. I awoke today to ants in the kitchen, lots of ants, whole lot of ants. I sprayed and did a quick tidy before going off to work. The only dishes were a plate, a fork, a bowl, a spoon, a mug that had held tea and a glass for juice. They were all over the plate and the bowl. I had cleaned the kitchen mid-afternoon yesterday, washed all dishes and counters. I'm dejected to find this.

Tonight, there were a few stragglers. I sprayed around the base of the kitchen window, the side of the kitchen counter and the threshold of the back door, places I know I've seen them in past years. If I spend time scrubbing everything, I have no time for stitching. I opted to thoroughly clean a section of the counter and then stitch. But I'm not going to get this done by the deadline. I won't abandon it. It will just have to be delivered to the recipient at a later date.

There are more dishes and wash to do. I have to pack for an upcoming trip. I worked late today and will work late tomorrow to finish this one project I have left. I am to eat dinner out with my company on Thursday. All of this cuts into stitching time. 

This will get done. I can't walk away from it. 

Beverage:  Scottish Blend tea


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