Thursday, June 2, 2011

Perhaps it's Necessary

I have a wedding to attend at the end of June. I bought the couple a couple of sets of the dishes they wanted from Crate and Barrel. The box came yesterday. I was sort of prepared for a bigger than usual box because Carole had dishes on her wedding list and a friend had purchased some for her. The box they came in was huge. This is what I had to contend with.

This is a 4 piece set; bowl, mug, small plate and large plate. It was very reasonably priced so I could afford to get them 2 settings.

I know Crate and Barrel doesn't want anything to happen to the dishes. They are breakable. Still, the sheer amount of packaging material almost defied description.

Here's what came in the box.

And here's the resulting packaging that I now have to dispose of somehow.
To Crate and Barrel's credit, the only thing technically not recyclable is the bubble wrap. The tissue paper and this other waffle cut paper are recyclable and went into my can. I guess I'll hang onto the bubble wrap for shipping gifts. I might bring it in to work because we could use it to wrap equipment we ship back to the shop.

It just struck me that there was 3 times the amount of packaging there possibly needed to be, even though the items were fragile. One side of the box was dented so perhaps it was good that things had been wrapped in so much protection.

I put the box on the floor. Only Mija was interested and then only for a bit.
My recycling can is full so I'll have to wait to put this box out until after pick up. I also have to get a box from the office for the dishes as I don't have one the right size. I wasn't going to just wrap the Crate and Barrel box. It's huge. I'll consolidate down to a smaller box. It will be easier to carry to the wedding.

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