Monday, June 6, 2011

After Rehearsal

After the little over an hour-long rehearsal, we went back to the farm for supper and conversation. Everyone from the wedding party as well as a few relatives were there and it made for a very relaxed and happy event. Knots of people spread out on the front porch, in the kitchen on the back deck, everyone laughing and talking, getting to know each other and reconnecting when you haven't seen people in months or years, as the case may be. You could tell everyone was happy to be at this event.

The groomsmen and ushers received their gifts from David Friday night. The bridesmaids received pearl earrings, very pretty, the day before. David gave the guys a folding knife which was engraved with their names.

After this, it was time to drag David off for his "bachelor's party". I've never quite understood the rationale for dragging the groom out into the wee hours on the day before he was to get married. The stories abound, so far anecdotal, of the groom getting totally sloshed and being dropped off at the bride's at 4 in the morning. Is it so the hang-over prevents him from running? If he was prone to running, that's not a good sign to begin with. Carole had her "bachelorette party" on Thursday night, which is sensible. You have a day to recover from whatever you did that night. The kids will do what the kids will do and we can only look on with bemusement.

Jason, above right in the checked shirt, got David an appropriate party gift. The guys headed out somewhere in the neighborhood of 9:30-ish, and went to an Irish pub in Warrenton. They met up with some old friends, closed the place down and went to an all-night deli. Kitty said David came back around 4 a.m. By the time we arrived back at the farm on Saturday, he was gone to get the tuxes and to get dressed. After he left the farm Friday night, he didn't see Carole again until she walked down the aisle.

There was a sense, on Friday night, that this whole event was going to come off as planned. Weddings are probably the most stressful event to coordinate. So many little things to do and you have the unknown of weather and whether "Uncle Fred" on his side will get along with "Cousin Myrtle" on her side. We'd come so far and it was less than a few hours until everything was to happen. It just seemed like it was coming together with just minor oop'ses, the kinds of things that were easily fixed.

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