Friday, March 19, 2010

Time to Get Out the Iron

Tomorrow is the first day of spring. It became something of a ritual when I started working again that I would mark the occasion by wearing a Hawaiian-style shirt every day for a week. At the time, I think I had maybe 5 shirts but that would be sufficient for a "week" of work days.

I like loud and bright. I mentioned in a post about fixing my socks that if the socks aren't what would be considered loud, I don't buy them. An exception has been made for socks my daughter has given me from Penneys. She gets great deals on Gold Toe socks and they are very sturdy so I happily wear them. Several Christmases ago, my sister gave me these wonderful teal-colored socks made from hemp. They, too, are sturdy and, even after what has to approach 100 washings, they are as soft as when I got them. Teal is a great color, too, not loud but it does go with most anything.

This is, however, not a post about socks. It's a post about shirts.

Back on Wednesday, I was standing in front of the row of short sleeved shirts hanging in my closet. Tomorrow, I will select 7 of my Hawaiian shirts to be ironed for wearing this next week. The bright colors are a mood lifter particularly as the weather is going to be back to normal and not the 60+ temperatures we've had all this week.

But I was looking at my collection of shirts. I need more bright colors. I could use more stripes or prints. I could use more bright blues. Red and green and black are covered. I look terrible in orange and purple, with the exception of the deep royal purple is not a color I like. I was wishing I could give away some of these shirts and replace them with brighter colors. That would involve shopping which I simply cannot do right now. It would be fun because the bright colors I'm looking for are out now, but I won't put myself further in debt to brighten my wardrobe.

I think this is all part of my inner desire to improve my attitude. I love color and a freshening of the wardrobe would improve my spirits. I will enjoy wearing my shirts next week, even if I have to toss it over a turtleneck.

Beverage: Chocolate Hazelnut tea



  1. Have you tried the Goodwill? We have a $1 day here where a certain color tag is $1..I have found many a treasure!


  2. I'm not sure where the Goodwill store is close to me. That is a thought, however.