Thursday, March 11, 2010

So now what do I do?

I was doing dishes on Tuesday night and I could hear water dripping. I went into the basement but it was not down there. I opened up the cabinet under the sink and there is a leak under the sink. When I let the water out of the sink, it really drips.

So, on the agenda for this weekend is to remove everything under the sink, toss, clean and disinfect things. Then, I need to figure out where the leak actually is and do something about it. I think, based on what I could see at night under the sink, that it's coming from where the pipe meets that drain. I'm wondering, if I can get that area bone dry, if I can silicone caulk all the way around that joint and seal it. Will that work? I certainly cannot pay a plumber to come look at this.

The other problem I have to solve is why my windshield wipers won't work. (Try saying that 5 times fast.) It's not that they are intermittent, it's that they won't work, period. It was raining on the way to work this morning. I took the back roads and drove 30. There is only a quarter mile stretch where there's any traffic that I was more than a bit concerned about. But something has to be done.

I was supposed to go into the city Saturday to have lunch with Tonia but if I can't get the wipers working, I can't go. It's supposed to rain from now through Sunday evening. I have to get a few groceries but the store is just over the hill. In nice weather, I can walk there. That's not an issue. I have to run to the DMV to deal with a duplicate title for Carole's car but I can't do that without wipers.

If it's not pouring down rain when Rodney gets back from the job he's on at the moment, we're going to look at the fuses. Maybe it's something simple like a fuse. Again, I cannot afford to have to take the car in for a repair. There is no money for this. I need an oil change and I can't afford that.

So, I need to be careful in where I go until this is fixed or the weather is clear. It's really okay because I don't go anywhere as it is. I just do kind of need to have this fixed, however.

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