Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hot Cocoa

I made a mug of Daniel's hot cocoa last night.

It was an interesting evening because I brought the box in and then went to the basement to hang up the load of wash I did the day previous. While I was down there, I noticed, on the top shelf of this shelf unit near the wash lines, a bottle of Amaretto. I will swear that all the times previous when I've been looking for that, I haven't been able to find it. There it was, clear as day. I was actually wishing that I had 7Up to make amaretto and 7. And I dug out a recipe for MahiMahi with an amaretto sauce. Now, I don't have any MahiMahi but I have other white fish that should be just as good.

I followed the directions he provided for making the cocoa and added amaretto. I am not sharing. I'm sorry. You go find your own cocoa. This is mine. I have some cherry liqueur and some cinnamon schnapps on the shelf. As I'll drink hot cocoa all year 'round, I think I'm set for raiding beverages for a couple of months, at least.


Beverage: Assam tea


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