Thursday, March 4, 2010

The things you do for the cats.

I made tuna and noodle casserole last night for supper. It's quick and easy and makes enough that I have lunch for today and tomorrow.

Of course, Mija comes into the kitchen with me and wants to know what I'm doing. Shakespeare used to say absolutely nothing. All he would do is stretch up against you, extend his claws and hook them into your closest pant leg. Wearing shorts? Didn't matter to him. Mija just meows, loudly, although she will stand up against my legs as Shakespeare did. She does this if she doesn't think I have acknowledged her presence.

So I open the can of tuna and divided the juice into two saucers. Suddenly, there's a big black cat in the kitchen too and she's meowing. I gave them their saucers of tuna juice. All went quiet.

Once the juice was consumed, both left the kitchen to bathe their faces and to go lie down. Tuna is not a full-time meal for a cat. It's not well-balanced. It's just a treat to be consumed occasionally. I did have to laugh. I ate my casserole and made tea and there was no cat following me into the kitchen. Both were sound asleep.

Beverage: Earl Grey tea


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