Friday, March 12, 2010

It's alright. Mom's here.

We had the first thunderstorm of the year yesterday. There had been a rumble in the morning, a very brief boom that could have been construed as a train hurriedly stopping. Last night, however, a line of very heavy but fast moving storms rumbled through the area dropping lots of water and pea-sized hail.

And scaring my cats.

I am not kidding. It came through about 8:45. I thought I had seen flashes of lightning outside but I was engrossed in getting my WOW guild moving in one direction toward the event we were going to do so I didn't really pay that much attention. Suddenly, there was a flash, crack, boom and the sound of hail hitting the window sills. I know this will mean nothing to some of you, but we had entered the Construct wing of Naxxramas and were working on belchers and blobs. I'm pushing buttons and Pilchard comes running into the office, jumps up on the chair next to me and starts meowing. She's followed by Mija who stands next to me and meows. Pilchard actually tried to force her way into my lap.

It was very noisy, I have to admit. I got up and looked out the windows to see the hail and the sheets of rain. Very large drops where pounding the south side of the house which just upset the girls even more. I went back into the office, pulled Pilchard into my lap and started calming her down. Mija jumped up in the vacated chair so she could get some ear scratching. I told my guild mates I had to attend to the cats because of the storm.

It lasted about 10 minutes. Once it had passed, nerves were adequately soothed and Mija went back to sleeping on the bed while Pilchard curled up on the table in the office as she usually does when I game.

I felt rather important. My other cats either hid or didn't care when a heavy storm like that came through. They never came to me. The times I'd go to the basement because of the tornado sirens, I'd have to call and call and call them downstairs. I don't think that's going to be the case here. I think I'll be able to scoop them up and go to safety or they will follow me. I like that.

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