Monday, March 8, 2010

A new book

I finished the book about luck. It was interesting. Essentially, the keys to changing your luck are:
  1. Have a network of friends. The more friends you have, the more you'll have people who know someone who can help when life goes sour.
  2. Chat up people next to you in lines or when you're waiting for something or if you're on a plane ride some place. It could pay dividends.
  3. A change of luck can be as simple as changing your outlook. Lucky people see the bad things in life as a challenge to be overcome, not as something that beats them down. It's a glass "half-full or half-empty" perspective.
  4. Lucky people are always on the look-out for opportunities. They look at every situation as a potential for increasing good luck.
The author recommended keeping a "Luck Journal" for a month. I'm to write down every lucky event that happens every day. In this fashion, I can prove to myself that luck is all around me. I started last Thursday. Friday and Saturday were quite "lucky". Yesterday, not so much. I can be accused of looking more for the other shoe to drop than what is going right so this month-long attempt at the bright side will, no doubt, have a good effect on me. I will keep you posted.

So it's on to my next read. I chose something lighter.

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