Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That didn't look good.

I was going to make the last box of jello last night, to bring it to work this morning. Lime flavor. I actually need to cook tonight as I've used up all the edible leftovers. The ones with spots and fuzz are going in the garbage tomorrow evening.

I opened up the box and the jello inside was hard. This is not necessarily bad. The inner bag is sealed but high humidity could make it hard. Ripped open the bag and crushed the contents into a bowl. Now I notice that the jello has dark flecks in it. I didn't see any holes in the inner bag but this worried me. I picked up some of the small chunks. The dark flecks didn't look like anything other than, say, coffee grounds, but something just said, "Don't eat this." So, off into the garbage it went. I was kind of bummed because it's peanut butter sandwiches for lunch today and a big bowl of jello would have been very nice. As it is, I have most of the rest of the applesauce to go with my sandwiches. Once I finish the cranberry juice in the fridge, I will be out of fruit. (Yes, it could be said I'm 'fruity' enough, but I'd love some fresh fruit.)

There are frozen raspberries in the back of the freezer. I should make them into muffins. That would be good. I'm down to one large freezer bag of muffins but with vegetable oil on the counter now, I can make more.

I'm finding myself more resourceful and creative when I do cook. I have all these cookbooks. It's about time I put them to productive use.

But I still miss jello.

Beverage: Assam tea


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