Thursday, March 11, 2010

Warmest Day of 2010 So Far.

Yesterday, it was 60 degrees and sunny. I was in shirt sleeves as I took the garbage to the curb. All the snow is gone from the front, south side and back of the yard. The north side of the house still had a few piles but those will be gone today with this heavy rain. The raid is soaking in, which is nice, and not coming into my basement.

I cleaned the litter boxes and left the back door open. I wanted the fresh breeze in the house and I kind of wanted to see what the girls would do. I came to the back door with a garbage bag and Pilchard quickly scrambled back inside the house. I sat down on the deck and Mija came outside. She walked around the deck, sniffing everything. Pilchard came out for a few seconds but ran back inside when I went to scratch her ears. All I had to do to get Mija inside was say, "Okay, back in the house" and inside she darted. Neither one went to the back door later to look out.

I like having them be house cats. I also liked how they were curious but only up to a point. I wonder if they can be "trained", like you ever really train a cat, to only come out onto the deck and not leave the deck? That way, I could have my summer Sunday morning breakfasts while reading the paper on the deck and know they won't be wandering off. I do think they enjoyed the sunshine and the fresh air.

After I took the garbage to the curb and came in for the evening, they were chasing each other and dashing all over the house as if the warm weather had somehow wound them up. They seemed very, very happy last night and there is nothing like a happy cat to put a smile on your face.

Beverage: Scottish Blend tea


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